Previous Club Nights


August 3rd 2023 Home Counties Magical Society Tabletop Sale & Auction 

July 22nd 2023 Home Counties Magical Society Boat trip





July 20th 2023 Club night (On Zoom)

Home Counties Magical Society


July 6th 2023 – Graham Jolley Lecture (At Maiden Place)

June 15th 2023 – Club Night (On Zoom)

June 1st 2023 – Bring a Trick Night and Workshop (At Maiden Place)

May 18th 2023 – Club Night (On Zoom)

May 11th 2023 – Annual General Meeting (At Maiden Place)

April 20th 2023 – Club Night, Tricks with DVD’s or Books – Which is the Best Method? (On Zoom)

April 12th 2023 (Wednesday) – Home Counties Visit to Zodiac Magical Society, Ealing

Members visiting Zodiac and performing for them
Another member preforming for the Zodiac
Bharat Patel from the Zodiac performing for our members







April 6th 2023 – Andy’s Magic Box (At Maiden Place)

March 16th 2023 – Club Night, Tricks Fom Your Bottom Drawer (On Zoom)

March 2nd 2023 – Bharat Patel Lecture (At Maiden Place)


February 23rd 2023 – Club Night, Unconventional (On Zoom)

February 2nd 2023 – Bill Hammersley Close-up Competition (At Maiden Place)

January 19th 2023 – Club Night, Equivoque (On Zoom)

January 5th 2023 – Lee Hathaway Lecture (At Maiden Place)


December 15th 2022 – Bring a Trick Night (On Zoom)

December 9th 2022 (Friday) – Christmas Dinner (At The Toby Carvery, Caversham)

December 1st 2022 – Christmas Social Evening (At Maiden Place)

November 17th 2022 – Packet Tricks and Tricks in your Bottom Drawer (On Zoom)

November 3rd 2022 – Keith Churcher Competition (At Maiden Place)

October 20th 2022 – May Force Be With You (On Zoom)

October 6th 2022 – Halloween & Christmas Magic Preparation (At Maiden Place)

September 15th 2022 – Magic Surgery (On Zoom)

September 1st 2022 – Andrew Normansell Lecture (At Maiden Place)

August 18th 2022 – Club Night – Self Working Magic – No Cards Allowed (On Zoom)

August 4th 2022 – Matthew Garrett Lecture (At Maiden Place)

July 21st 2022 – Quiz Night (On Zoom)

July 7th 2022 – Sean Goodman Lecture (At Maiden Place)

June 23rd 2022 – Club Night (I found it in a book, booklet, manuscript) (On Zoom)

June 9th 2022 – Iain Bailey Lecture (At Maiden Place)

May 28th 2022 – 75th Anniversary River Boat Trip

May 19th 2022 – Annual General Meeting (members only) (On Zoom)

May 12th 2022 – Young & Strange Lecture (At Maiden Place)

April 7th 2022 – Marc Paul Lecture with Keith Churcher (At Maiden Place)

March 17th 2022 – Club Night (Bring a Trick) (On Zoom)

March 3rd 2022 – Mark Chandaue Lecture (At Maiden Place)

February 23rd 2022 (Wednesday) – Joint Zoom Meeting with Zodiac Magical Society (On Zoom)

February 3rd 2022 – Pearman Cup Stage Competition (At Maiden Place)

January 20th 2022 – Steve Scrivener Mini Lecture (At Maiden Place)

January 6th 2022 – Ben Earl Lecture (At Maiden Place)